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The H5 COLO facility is engineered with highly redundant systems that maximize availability, prevent outages and offer flexible lab/office space

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With H5 COLO you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your critical systems, equipment and data are protected 24/7/365.

Our restricted access Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed 24/7/365 by on-site technicians. In addition to our team of technical experts, the NOC’s automated systems constantly monitor network performance, power, cooling, and security to identify and report even the slightest irregularities, preventing potential problems before they happen. Using these advanced monitoring tools, management systems, and processes, our experts continually safeguard the Data Center environment.

Our technicians make regular rounds of the Data Center to do physical inspections of customer’s areas and equipment. They monitor noise for alarms and use state-of-the-art heat guns to alert customers of potential issues.

H5 COLO can provide:

  • Tailored remote hands support for just about any need.
  • Tape Exchanges
  • Shipping and Receiving of Customer Equipment.


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(NOC): 469-533-0290