H5 Colo

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The H5 COLO facility is engineered with highly redundant systems that maximize availability, prevent outages and offer flexible lab/office space


The H5 Colocation Center is a Bunker-Style purpose-built Data Center facility for Colocation, Disaster Recovery, and flexible Lab / Office space (it is also a fallout shelter). H5 COLO is housed on the second floor in the 4 Park Central building. The 2nd floor is 55,000 SF in size and dedicated to H5 COLO use. This facility is uniquely and specifically designed for the following type(s) of users:

  • Companies seeking a stable Data Center / Colocation environment and reliable, scalable connectivity
  • Enterprise clients looking for an ideal Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Location
  • Telecommunications companies or other businesses looking to establish a DFW presence
  • Companies that require Colocation, communications, NOC, and office space under one roof
  • Any company searching for technology-friendly real estate, dedicated or shared Lab / Office space


  • 4-Level data and technology center purpose-built to provide a secure location for critical infrastructure and staff
  • 20,000 SF hardened Data Center at the core of the building with 100,000 SF of adjacent Lab / Office space
  • 220,362 Rentable Square Feet (RSF)
  • 50,000 RSF floor plates



  • On Net with AT&T, TWTC, ALPHEUS, and ABOVE NET / ZAYO FiberLight, (each through a diverse path into the building)
  • Redundant power systems (2 Megawatt generator, transfer switch, UPS systems, battery plants, flexible power configurations)
  • Data Center Suites, Relay Racks / Cages / Cabinets
  • Extensive HVAC environmental control
  • Pre-action (dry pipe) fire suppression with heat and smoke detection
  • Multiple layers of security with 24/7/365 on-site personnel and Biometric Access Control
  • 100% uptime of critical systems
  • Multiple independent fiber entry points into building
  • 1 Mbps-10 Gbps scalable bandwidth solutions with 100% uptime
  • Turnkey Data Center and network solutions
  • Data Center, Colocation Services, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Office space next door
  • Through our partners both managed services and application services can be arranged
  • Roof rights available
  • Oversize dedicated freight elevator
  • On-site conference facilities
  • On-site fitness center
  • On-site cafeteria
  • Lodging and numerous amenities nearby
  • On-site 24 /7/365 Network Operations Center


  • Poured in place concrete slab
  • Pre-cast 18-inch thick steel reinforced concrete walls
  • 15' slab to slab Floor Height
  • 250 P.S.F. Floor loading

  • SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Type II Certified:

    H5 COLO performs yearly SSAE 16 (previously SAS 70 Type II) Audits to ensure strict adherence to established controls, guidelines, and policies.

  • N+1 power systems include:

    H5 COLO has redundant building feeds, N+1 UPS system, battery backups, and a 2 Megawatt generator. H5 COLO can provide customers with 200 watts per Square Foot diverse power connections from the UPS through separate transformers and panels. Regular electrical panel inspections reduce the possibility of bad or overloaded breakers. The client's environment maintains availability and productivity regardless of the loss of any component.

  • N2 Redundant HVAC environmental control:

    • 24 independent Liebert HVAC Units with roof-mounted condensers cool the Data Center and provide N+1 redundancy
    • The building air handlers have been engineered to duct building chiller air into the Data Center in case of an emergency. These chillers automatically adjust to their lowest temperature to cool the Data Center should the temperature exceed normal operating parameters, thus providing N2 redundancy
    • In order to avoid condensation or the possibility of electrostatic discharge, the Lieberts also maintain a relative humidity of 45%-55%
    • All components electronically monitored 24/7 by the Network Operations Center
    • Professional maintenance and inspection of all HVAC units is performed quarterly
  • Data Center Suites · Cages · Cabinets:

    H5 COLO offers several options to meet the needs of your growing business and enable completion of your business objectives. Options include:

    • Full Cabinets – 24 inches wide by 42 inches deep locking cabinets with chimney attachments to increase energy efficiency and protect the health of your equipment and data
    • Chimney attachments serve as a green element to the Data Center environment and produce energy efficiencies up to 15% or more
    • 1/2 Cabinets with all the same amenities of a full cabinet
    • Customized private cages with locking doors for clients who need a cost-effective solution for segregating their environment in a shared colocation space
    • Suites – a completely separate environment behind walls with electronically controlled access doors
  • Pre-action (dry pipe) fire suppression with heat and smoke detection:

    • Dry Pipe Double Interlock Pre-action Sprinkler System
    • Early fire/smoke detection system
    • Leak containment and detection systems
    • All components electronically monitored 24/7 by the Network Operations Center
    • Professional quarterly maintenance and inspection
  • On-site 24/7 Environmental and Bandwidth Monitoring:

    • On-Site 24/7 Network Operations Center
    • Zoned HVAC monitoring for temperature and Humidity
    • Metered PDU’s monitored for electrical consumption in H5 COLO Cabinets
    • Port level bandwidth utilization monitoring and health status
    • Leak containment detection monitoring
  • Multiple layers of security with 24/7 on-site personnel:

    • Building access and elevator access to the floor controlled by proximity card system.
    • Data Center access controlled a combination of proximity card system and Biometric Access Control
    • Data Center access requires government issued photo identification, documented credentials and access levels on file
    • Quarterly audits of access privileges are conducted to ensure compliance with policies and procedures
    • All entrances / exits remain locked at all times
    • Dual Layers of surveillance and recording throughout facility. Combination of Analog and I/P camera systems throughout facility connects to separate recording devices at various locations
  • 100% uptime of critical systems:

    • Multiple independent fiber entry points into building
    • Our network infrastructure provides optimal performance and guaranteed availability
    • A Cisco-powered network including redundant Cisco routers configured for BGP/HSRP with diverse carriers provide a completely fault-tolerant network configuration to internet
    • Customers are connected to the network via Cat5e and Fiber
    • H5 COLO's carrier neutral policy and proximity to fiber from multiple carriers allows customers to choose the connectivity solution that best fits their requirements
  • Other amenities include:

    • Oversize dedicated freight elevator
    • State-of-the-art conference facilities
    • On-site 24/7 Network Operations Center
    • H5 COLO offers PAY AS YOU GO power rate plan which bills you in increments as low as 5 amps.

H5 COLO Infrastructure Upgrades during 2012

H5 COLO commissioned a master Data Center plan from the JJA engineering who is well experienced in Data Center design and construction. This master plan provides a path of growth for the H5 COLO Data Center up to 6MW in 1MW increments. As part of this master plan Phase I has been completed and capital upgrades of over $2.5 million to the Data Center have completed construction.

The focus of Phase 1 was to implement a new UPS and Battery room to allow continual electrical upgrades. These improvements increase the electrical capacity of the H5 COLO infrastructure and provide a replicable approach to adding additional capacity without interfering with existing infrastructure or customer equipment. As part of Phase 1 we have completed implementation of diverse electrical rooms on the northeast and northwest side of the Data Center which are designed to carry 3MW each. We have implemented the first of three, one (1) Megawatt risers and associated switchgear to feed these electrical rooms from our new UPS room which can accommodate up to 4MW of redundant UPSs and associated switchgear.

We have also completed a new shipping and staging area for client's use in securing shipment of their equipment to the Data Center and allow areas for them to unpack, test, and prepare their equipment before installation into their cabinets. We also implemented a new enlarged battery room capable of handling 6 strings of batteries to backup each of the UPSs.

Our abundance of DX HVAC capacity with our ability to automatically redirect the building chiller systems into the Data Center at a moment’s notice, provides 2N redundancy beyond the regular N+ of normal Data Centers. At the same time we are upgrading our Disaster Recovery area to be able to offer approximately 90 seats of Disaster Recovery with private offices, conference room, and break room.