H5 Colo

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The H5 COLO facility is engineered with highly redundant systems that maximize availability, prevent outages and offer flexible lab/office space



  • High capacity, energy-efficient Sealed Cabinet Architecture using a chimney system to keep from reintroducing heat into the Data Center. More efficient than Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle technology.
  • 200-250 Watts per SF floor design.
  • Variable rate power billing pay as you grow.
  • Standard 5.5KW up to 8.5KW per cabinet with two redundant vertical metered PDU’s. In place upgradeable circuits from 5KW to 8.5KW with no downtime when using redundant power supplies in your servers or rack mounted Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).
  • Comes standard with Dual redundant 110 Volt 40 Amp drops or 208 Volt 24 Amp Drops.
  • Electrical drops have diversified paths back to the UPS room.
  • 42U Locking cabinet with energy efficient closed ventilation system.


We provide cages as small as 4 cabinets up to 100 customizable based on client's needs. We use the highest grade welded wired cage material for custom cage sizes and door requirements. All power and data provided overhead to ensure the best airflow on raised flooring.

We have prebuilt suites which can house anywhere from 16 cabinets up to 54. Special requirements can be built upon request. These suites share airflow with the data center so that loss of a unit in a suite does not affect operations within that suite. Suites can be customized with Key Card entry systems and reports can be provided for entry logs.

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